I'm Joaquin

Developer / Blogger / Foodie

Who I am

  • Android developer at Rappi
  • Open source advocate
  • Lover of 🥐 🎧 🎾 🐶 🎮
  • and more...

About Me

I'm Joaquin. I have always been fascinated by the way computers work and the endless possibilities of what can be achieved through code. This interest has led me to the creation of multiple applications, mostly for mobile devices.

Besides, I am also interested in machine learning. I have trained my own model using TensorFlow and used it in one of my apps. (details)

In addition to always researching new tech, I am involved in the open source community. I believe in the power of collaboration and sharing knowledge, and I find great joy in contributing to projects and learning from others in the community.

In my personal life, I am an outgoing and sociable person who enjoys staying active and engaging with others. I have a love for music, you will probably find me with my headset on most of the time. I am also an avid tennis player and enjoy reading in my spare time.